Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

This is my second What I Wore Wednesday post. I'm trying to put more thought into what I wear because I'm soooo sick of all of my clothes! I'm trying to re-imagine how to put pieces together because I'm always pairing the same things together. My goal is to step out of my comfort zone...and possibly purchase a statement necklace! Well, here are few things IN my comfort zone.
I love love these white Gap jeans. I purchased them on clearance about three years ago and the just fit perfectly. They are a little long so I'm forced to wear a wedge with them. Which is a good thing since my husband told me I'm starting to look like an old lady who's given up when I wear ballet flats all of the time. He'll never understand fashion.

jeans: Gap - Long and Lean (old)
shirt: JC Penny
cardi: Old Navy
wedges: Target (last year)

I don't know why but I love this top. I feel like I look prego but, I get compliments on it every time I wear it. People are always saying how it's so much color for me to wear. I typically wear one or two colors at a time. This top has like...four colors!

jeans: Gap
shirt: Target
shoes: Payless
This is the perfect - I have to sit in a four hour meeting outfit. Comfy and warm just in case it's freezing in the meeting room!

skirt: Khol's
tank: Old Navy (two years ago)
jean jacket: Gap (extremely old)

This is my favorite go-to outfit for a warm weekend. I cut off a pair of jeans - like I used to in eight grade - because I love the top of the jeans but they were too short. Please pardon the cat toys in the background. :)

jean shorts: Gap (old)
top: Old Navy (old)
flippers: Havaianas (old)

So, there you have it. A couple of my "safe" outfits. Next time I'll even step out of my comfort zone and photograph my head! hehe.

Linking up!
pleated poppy
Kimberly said...

I don't even take my pictures...I take my daughters. I hope to get into my comfort zone and include myself one week. I don't think anything I wear I can post.

Katie said...

very cute outfits! i love that shirt from target and your maxi skirt!

DeeAnna said...

The long and lean white jeans look so cute! They make your legs look great!

Veralynn said...

Those white jeans are the perfect fit! You definitely pull those off wonderfully! Feel free to stop by my blog- I’d love to have you join in on my weekly link-up “This Week the Trend”- also, for the month of July I’m offering free ad space! Happy Friday!


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