Friday, August 2, 2013

My Two New Friends

Hallelujah is FRIDAY! I thought it was never going to get here this week. It's been "one of those" weeks. Ugh. You know, when one thing after another just doesn't go as it's supposed to go. But, that's ok because last night was fantastic!!

Here's my little story about last night and how it saved my sanity.

Bill and I had tickets to see the Court Yard Hounds. I love this sassy song. You have to give it a listen.
So, anyway, Bill and I had tickets to see the Court Yard Hounds last night. Well, after the week I was having I wasn't in the mood for going out but, I knew it would be fun once I got there. I got ready in about 3 minutes. Not exaggerating. 3 minutes. 

We get to the theatre and there's not much of a line. The tickets said 7:00. Umm... we got there at 7:00. I thought for sure there would be a line. There wasn't. We went in and sat down. We had awesome seats - third row center. 

After about 15 minutes we figured out that the doors opened at 7:00 show at 8:00. Yeah. Would've been nice to have that printed on the tickets. But, I didn't let that get me down. 

We went for a drink. It was nice just to be out with Bill. I was excited because there was supposed to be a meet and greet for VIP's at this bar. I thought I'd get a glimpse for sure.

Not only did I get a glimpse but, a friend of Bill's came and gave us wristbands to join the VIP event!!!!! Ok, that made my night. The first thing Bill told me is that I couldn't take pictures or geek out.  So, they walk into the VIP area and Bill and I are still at the bar at this point (that's how fast that happened!) 

We walk through the black curtain and I'm not kidding. There's only about 20 people in this area. 19 other people and ME! First thing they did was take photos with everyone.
They were so cool. And, yes, I geeked out. They introduced themselves to us - "Hi, I'm Martie..." So. Normal. I said "Hi, I'm Laura" because I'm sure they cared. That's when I geeked out. No details needed. But, I wasn't the only one. Bill has had a big crush on Martie for a long time. He turned all red and got sweaty. It was adorable.

After the photo I realized that I didn't get anything signed so, I went to get a CD signed and they were walking out. What did I do? Followed them of course. I tapped Martie (first name basis) on the shoulder and asked If she could sign the CD. She said yes, but the big security guard said no. That's when she said to me -
"I'll be out in the lobby after the show. Come find me and I'll sign it for you then."
So nice. So genuine. I think that made me like them even more.

Long story short - it was a super fun night. Even the stupid drunk girls sitting in front of us didn't piss me off...too much.

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