Hi! I'm Laura and I am looking forward to sharing my crazy beautiful journey through the everyday with youI started a blog on a whim which is strange because I plan EVERYTHING. You may be thinking with a name like My Green Pen it must be about "being green." Nope, I like to think I'm environmentally conscious but, let's face it, I use a plastic bag once - I don't rinse it out to use again and again. The name came from my favorite color which is green and the fact that you write with a... pen! Yup, a lot of thought went into that one. Like I said, I started this without and forethought into what having a blog would mean. Let's get to what it IS about... 
On My Green Pen I will share my imperfections, some of my favorite things, the people I love, and a whole lot of miscellaneous. I hope you pull up a chair, grab some snacks, and stay awhile.

I'm not a writer. I can't spell and I like to add punctuation...everywhere. *hehe*

a little about me:

  • I am thirty something 
  • Married to Bill - who is amazing, creative, patient, kind, silly...
  • My husband and I don't have any children. You can read about it here

  • I have a cat who is spoiled like an only child

  • I live in Fargo, ND - it's NOTHING like the movie
  • I am the director of an Early Learning Center/Preschool/Child Care Center
  • I haveone sibling - a sister - Sara

  • I love ULTA - it's my happy place - yet it looks like I don't wear any make-up at all
  • I love reading but HATE trying to find the next book
  • I have a shop on Etsy called Poppy and Pippa that started as a hobby and turned into a business

  • I love sleep. I love going to bed early and waking up early...or late whichever. I would rather sleep than stay out late. Which is the opposite of my husband.
  • I really like watching TV and I'm not afraid to admit it. Although, I have a hard time sitting down to watch a show. I need to be multi-tasking.
  • I always have my nails painted
  • I love love dessert and would rather start a meal with that to ensure I've left enough room for the good stuff - my favorite (at the moment) is cheesecake of any kind with any topping.
So, there you have it. A sneak peek into who I am in just a few hundred words. 


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