Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk - In January - In Fargo

First of all, I love snow. I love how clean everything looks and how quiet it becomes. I love the coziness of being inside during a snowstorm. I love it. Unfortunately, it has only snowed ONCE and I wasn't even here (we were in Seattle). I always look forward to the first snow - and I missed it.

I recently accepted that we will not have a huge snowfall this year and I'm really enjoying the 40 and 50 degree temperatures. Yesterday I believe it reached 51 degrees rather than the usual below zero temperatures we have. 

A couple of things that don't usually happen in Fargo - in January.

Sidewalk chalk - in January - in Fargo. 
Pretty awesome.

Hanging out outside without a coat (or long sleeves).
Andy - my 10 year old nephew - he's almost as tall as me!

It was such a beautiful day that Sophie - my one year old niece - 
thought the lawn needed mowing!

Going for a walk in the sunshine 
That's my sister - she's pretty much the best mom ever!

Soph decided to take a break and read about Princesses - without
a hat, mittens, boots or snow pants!

I'm glad I was able to enjoy that Spring-like day in January because today there is a high of 28 degrees with it around 14 degrees by 5:00 and a chance of snow. Welcome back to the reality of winter in Fargo.

liz_oosterhof said...

Hey Laura! Since you commented on my Friday high five post last week I have been reading your blog daily!! If you head on over to my blog you will see that I have added you to my list of "dailies"! I really look forward to tomorrow's post!

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