Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing right!? We can never get a vacation right. I should clarify - we never get the "to and from" vacation right. It's not our fault - most of the time.

We just returned from a lovely visit with his sister's family in Washington state. It started out with ME forgetting my ID. I mean, who does that?! So needless to say we missed our flight. We were able to get a flight out the next day (which was a miracle since it was the day after Christmas).The airline graciously took our $150 to re-schedule even thought they said they were able to fill our seats on the flight we missed. Air travel...that's a whole other topic. Anyway, we made our flight on time the next day (with ID's in hand). We had a layover in Chicago. While waiting for our flight I heard my name - I went up to the counter and they said they over-booked and were wondering if Bill and I would be willing to take a later  flight and A $400 voucher each for air travel. I said sure why not. So we have an additional 5 hours in the airport. Not a problem - it went smoothly. We were able to gate check Bill's guitar and the rest of the day went smoothly... Until Bill noticed that the $400 voucher we each got were in fact four $100 vouchers that CANNOT be combined! Yup, air travel...

So we had a wonderful time with Bill's family eating at fantastic restaurants, going to the theatre, sledding in the cascades and just plain old relaxing. Then it was time to go home.

We arrive at the Seattle Airport 2 hours early to find out that the flight we checked into the night before had been CANCELLED. Really?! Can this really be happening to us? So, we got re-booked - smoothly. Until the (@#*) airline worker said Bill could not gate check his guitar. His baby. His precious valuable. So there you go. He checked it and we would see it again when we arrived in Fargo. The only problem is - it DID NOT come to Fargo. It went to NORTH CAROLINA! Bill's upset. I'm tired and happy to have another day off before returning to work.

I mean really?!

And now I just realized it's Tuesday and I posted a Monday topic. Oh well, enjoy!
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