Friday, February 3, 2012

High Five for Friday

Here is a list of my favorites from this past week:

Taking my nephew Isaac to Tutti Fruiti for a special treat! Yum.
Not sure why it looks like I have a wonky eye.

My little assistant, Whidbey. He's looking at me like,
"What? You don't need a paper weight?"

The "crazy" (or as crazy as I get) manicure 
I did last night.
I used OPI Black Cherry Chutney and Revlon Sparkle

Chatting with my sister. It seems like we've been so
busy lately that we haven't had a chance to catch up.
This was taken last summer.
 As you can see I'm very grown up
and I'm the older one.
New Girl. 
I know some people can't stand her but, I love her.
She makes me happy.

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Happy Friday,

Katie said...

found you from hollie takes notes. I LOVE the new girl - I just watched the latest episode last night. I think it is hilarious! Have a great weekend!

dina vanessa mercado said...

great blog!!! following you now....

visit my blog!!!


Carisa said...

I love new girl!! It's in my high 5 for friday too! Check it out :) ps. New follower


- Lesley said...

I still need to check out new girl!
happy friday!

Jessica said...

New Girl is the best :)
The douche bag jar cracks me up!

Happy weekend!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I love that manicure! I've been wanting to do the same with a nude or soft pink with gold glitter on the ring fingers (like yours!). Also, I love Zooey even if she is really crazy sometimes.

Your blog looks great! I'm your newest reader/follower!

Classy in KC said...

Please explain to me who doesn't think New Girl is like one of the greatest shows out there? I love it so much I did a post about it last week! I just found your blog through Hollie's link up and I love it!

Melissa said...

New follower from #ff. Love your blog! It is too cute.

Follow me? Okay, sure!

Melissa from Grin and Barrett Blog

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