Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Product Spotlight: My "Beauty" Routine

This week I'm going to share several skin care products that I use and love.
Here is my "beauty" routine each day:

I've been using this facial cleanser for some time and I love it.
It isn't drying and it's perfect for my sometimes sensitive skin

I always put my cleanser on my face then use my fabulous Olay brush.
I can't say enough about this brush. I love it! It makes my skin feel
so great and so clean.

The only eye make-up remover I will use is Almay
Oil-Free. I have tried many others but, many I've 
tried leave a oily residue. Yuck! These small pads
are perfect!

The moisturizer I use is Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream
It's thick and so moisturizing without making my face
oily. I've been using this for over a year and I wouldn't
go back to any other kind. 

I also use Olay Regenerating Eye Cream with a touch of concealer.
I've tried many eye creams because I have dark circles and 
my eye area is very sensitive and dry. This is the first eye cream
that I've tried that's actually moisturizing without being 

I then use a small amount of primer before putting my
make-up on my face. I love how this makes
my face look so smooth and helps everything
go on so smooth.

I'll give you a sneak peak into my make-up routine next week.

Erin said...

I've never used that Olay brush, but I think I need one! And those Almay pads are the best- that's all I use for my eyes, too!

Jessica said...

I've been thinking about buying this brush!
I don't want to spend the money on a Clarisonic brush, but this one is definitely in my budget!

Thanks for posting about it :)

sara mom of 3 said...

Thanks for telling me about the olay brush! It has changed my skin completely!! I have trouble with break outs and since I started using this I haven't broken out once!!! It's a miracle product, I think it helps all my acne products absorb. also have started using the Olay Pro-X acne kit, it clears my skin withoutover drying, which I'm sure I was sucking all the moisture out with all the other acne products I was using which in turn made my skin worse. I don't know what I would do without my big sisters expertise!!!!

Holly said...

I have never tried any of those products, but the Purity cleanser looks pretty good. :)

Just dropping by from #FF. :)

Heather at 123 said...

Love the earrings!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


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