Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Organization Inspiration

one thing always leads to another


It seems that every time I begin an organization project it always leads to another organizational need. That was the case when I decided I'd had enough with my earring mess. I have a nice jewelry box but, it has never been functional for me. I like to have my jewelry in the bathroom. Weird? I know but, I get up VERY early in the morning and it is a pain to dig through my earrings in a dark bedroom. (I don't want to wake my hubby). Until yesterday my earrings were in a "pile" in my bathroom cupboard. Not convenient at all. 

these are my earrings. see what I mean by "pile"?

The easiest organizational tool I could use was my jewelry box. Two problems with this: my MESSY bathroom drawer and the fact that I remembered that I donated my jewelry box several years ago.

the drawer
 ** This is where the next organization project starts**

not functional.

 So, there went the idea of using something I already had. Or did it? I had an extra clear organizer for small beads and embroidery floss. This was perfect and only $1.99 at Jo-Ann Fabrics! I'm a pretty low maintainence person so I wasn't looking for a luxurious place for my earrings. With this "simple jewelry storage" there is a separate spot for each set! Easy to find a matching set and it's not a problem if I get more earrings because some of the smaller earrings can be combined.

very functional.

Now it was time to tackle the drawer. I emptied all of the contents out onto the bathroom counter and luckily saw that over half of the things in the drawer were travel sized from our trip in December. (Obviously, I was ready to be home and didn't feel like putting my travel things away so I shoved them in my bathroom drawer.)  That fact made this cleaning/organizing project much easier. I'll share what I did to make an overflowing drawer look like this - next week.

seriously? Yes!!

Next week:
How I got my drawer to look like this and other tips for 
storing all of the products we need to store in our bathroom.


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Amy said...

Thanks for the organizational inspiration. My earrings, bracelets and rings could use a little organizational help. Happy Thursday!

I'm now following the blog!


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Will you tell us how you got the wallpaper(?) on the bottom! It looks great!!

HayleyKiah said...

Those clear containers also work great for taking your jewelry on trips without losing it! I've been storing jewelry in tackle boxes (my dad's) since I was little!

Reva said...

Ugh! I recently organized all of my jewelry and makeup. What a hassle! I like your drawer ideas though. I have a similar drawer that needs some organizing for sure!

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