Thursday, April 5, 2012

Currently :: April

I can't believe it's April already and this weekend is Easter. I swear Christmas was yesterday! Anywho, it's time to share some of my currentlys with you for April.

Currently Super Proud
The teachers I work with!

Currently Reading: 
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins - for the second time

Currently Excited About:
Yay! I'm on vacation for the next four days!

Currently Whidbey's Favorite Thing
Playing iPad with Bill (yes, they make games for cats)

Currently Saving All of My Pennies For:
Home office "stuff"

Currently Spend All of My Free Time:
On Pinterest! Help me!

Currently Want To Purchase For the House:
A dust buster or other small chargeable vacuum thing

Currently Drooling Over: 
Pastels and bright colors - so weird for a girl who only wears black, white, and grey - I've expanded a bit

Currently Obsessed With
"Pinning" office space inspiration

Currently Best Comedy:
New Girl!!! Laugh so hard at that show

Currently Show I Cannot Miss:
Bones, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, New Girl 

(Sorry, can't pick just one)

Currently Addicted To:
Organizing - everything. (I guess it's not a bad thing)

Currently Fantasizing About:

Currently Favorite Food:
Greek Yogurt - It's like a good for you dessert

Currently Dreaming Of
My very own office space at home 

Currently Yearning For:
Someone to go through my closet and show me 
all of the different outfits I can make.

 I'm sick of having "nothing to wear" even though
 I have a closet full of clothes.

Currently Want To See In My Closet:
TOMS Ballet Flats (same as last month)

Currently Enjoying:
Time off!

*I apologize for the weird spacing. I swear it looked ok when I typed it up - this happened when I published it. 

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

this is a cute post. may borrow sometime if you don't carel

brittany kuhn said...

I love this "currently" thing you did! I think I am going to do one for one of my posts too. You should do a link party for it (: Just an idea. Hope you have a great Easter!

LEA said...

ohh i wish that someone would come make cute outfits out of my closet too!! that would be amazing!

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