Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garden in the Sky

I live in a Condo on the third floor. We own our unit just like you own your house. The only difference is that we don't have to do any yard work, shovel the snow, or do any maintenance to the building. We pay a monthly fee for those things. I love it but, I wish I had a garden. A real garden. On the ground. In the ground. I'd love to plant flowers and veggies. I'd also plant strawberries and raspberries. I imagine my dream garden to be rather impressive but, for now, my garden consists of pots. Don't get me wrong - pots of flowers are beautiful too.

There's just something about digging in the dirt. Not scooping the dirt out of a bag...

Notice Wilfred the gnome? He is in rough shape but I truly adore him!

Whidbey didn't understand why he couldn't join me...I didn't have the heart to tell him it's because he's klutzy and would fall off the deck.

Enjoy your day! It's supposed to be hot, hot, hot here!

Beverly said...

you still made it pretty with a pop of garden!! and I agree... nothing satisfies the need to dig the dirt from the ground ... who likes pulling it outta that bag?!?!

Kristin W said...

I love the bamboo "fence!" A garden gnome is something we need in our own garden too! I had such a difficult time with my garden the first year, we took a break this year (and got chickens instead). Since I still want tomatoes, we pot-planted those. You can still have a great little garden on your patio :)

Ps. Found your blog via #ff!

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