Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five for Friday

This week was fan tab! Not only was it a four day work week but it was also the last day of school! Working in early childhood means working year 'round. When I was a preschool teacher I spent my summers with a group of school age children. I loved summers with the kids! We'd hang out outside everyday, go to the pool, and just be kids. Now, that I'm in administration, summers aren't so fun. Oh well, at least I can still smell the sunscreen as the kids walk by my office.

Five favorites from the past week!

The innocence of children. I love having conversations with children. Here's a conversation I had with a child on Thursday morning.

child: "I don't like Chucky"
me: (thinking to myself - I don't like Chucky either he's a psycho little doll - then thinking why do parent's let their children watch scary movies?!) I asked him, "Who's Chucky?"
child: "he's a mouse that lives at Chuck E. Cheese." 
me: "oh, have you seen him recently?"
child: "yes, I ate pepperoni and I don't even like pepperoni. Then I go home and I cry because I don't like Chucky or pepperoni."


I've been browsing at the Pleated Poppy shop for the past couple of weeks. I finally purchased a small pouch. I ordered it on Monday and received it on Thursday! Fast shipping. It's even better than I imagined. It has two pockets. I wanted this one because I could put my business cards in one slot and keep my Poppy and Pippa credit card in the other. It's perfect because I keep business separate from my personal. 

Losing 4 pounds in 7 days! I think I am really turning my eating habits around. Love it. I can't wait to feel the difference in my clothes.

Finally got my hair to curl in a decent but not curly sue kind of way. Wore my hair curly all day with no ponytail for the first time since I had permed hair in seventh grade.

These girls have amazing talent! In this video they are 12 and 9 years old. I hope this makes your Friday just a little bit happier. If you have a little extra time you should check out some of their other videos on YouTube. 

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Katie said...

that is a hilarious conversation - kids are so funny! and congrats on losing 4 pounds - that is awesome! have a great weekend!!

Stacy said...

Where is the pic of your hair success?

Elizabeth Benfield said...

thanks for sharing that video! awesome.

Jill said...

Loved the video. Those girls were great!

Elisabeth said...

4 pounds in SEVEN days! thats incredible. what is this diet you're on??

just found your blog from follow friday and its adorable :)

your newest follower,

ps. visit me at

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