Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy 4th of July!! I am currently enjoying a lovely view of a lake...from inside the air-conditioned house. Holy hotness outside! Anyway, I'm linking up with Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy. Last week my goal was to include my head in my outfit shots. Well, I think I believe I was brave enough to do just that. 

Outfit {1}
I can't believe I wore shorts in public! I hate wearing shorts but, it's been so hot and I needed to run errands for work the day I wore them.

cardi - Old Navy
top - TJ Maxx
shorts - Old Navy (last year)

Outfit {2}
Just another day at work - It's chilly in my office so I have to dress in layers or I'll roast when I get outside.

cardi - Express (old)
t-shirt - Gap Pure
jeans - Lucky (old)
belt - Target

Outfit {3}
Date night. Funny story. In preparation of our date I applied self-tanner so my legs weren't stark white against my black dress. After returning home and taking another look in the mirror I realized that my self-tanner DID NOT tan very well! In fact, my legs were so streaky I looked like a zebra. Lovely. I can't imagine what people were thinking. Note to self: do not apply self-tanner that you've never tried before on a date night.
excuse the awkward pose...

cardi - Old Navy (same as above)
dress - Old Navy (old)
shoes - Payless (old)
necklace - gift

So, there you go. Outfit pics with my head. Yay me! 

I hope you all enjoy a safe and fun filled holiday!!

Katie said...

love your green cardigan and those shoes in the last pic! what a cute outfit! and I'm always afraid of using self tanners!

Erin said...

Love that green cardigan and black dress :)

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