Monday, October 8, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Random thoughts from the last week.

My favorite day of the entire year is the first day it snows. Yes, I love snow!! Last week we had the second earliest first snow for the year on record. The earliest was two days earlier. We almost had a record. Bummer. This is my car...before I brushed it off.
Sorry for the poor picture - it was taken in the dark (6:15 am)

Bill and I left the snow behind in Fargo and made our way to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for three days. 

We saw Louis CK - Bill loves him! 

On Friday we slept in and ate a late breakfast at the hotel. It was good we slept in because we ended up walking about 6 miles (according to Bill's Fit Bit) through Ikea and the Mall of America. We were exhausted at the end of the day. But made some great purchases at Ikea!

On Saturday Bill managed to reserve an iPhone 5 so, I got to lounge at the hotel while he ventured to the mall. Then, we went to visit his brother and wife as well as two of our nephews. It was nice to catch up for a bit. They wouldn't let me take a "normal" picture of them - so here are Dylan (Zombie) and Cody (Clone). Adorable, aren't they? Hehe.

After visiting for a bit we made our way to the outlet mall. I scored some great deals - like 40% off  EVERYTHING at Old Navy. Seriously. It was so awesome! Then we left for home and arrived about 10:00 on Saturday night to a cat who had A LOT of energy!


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Mary Beth said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I live in the South so we rarely get snow! I love it though!

Malisa Price said...

I can't believe its snowing where you live. We just got below 80 degrees here in Cali and are all super happy to be experiencing "fall-ish" weather. Hope you have a great day.

Michelle said...

Snow!!! Most people would call me crazy but I LOVE it! How exciting :)

Michelle said...

Snow!!! Most people would call me crazy but I LOVE it! How exciting :)

Bev said...

wow!! can't believe you're already witnessing snow! Not ready for that part of winter :/

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