Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring? Oh, Spring?

As I sit here, it's 5:15 am on Monday morning. We had ANOTHER snowstorm yesterday and last night. It continues to lightly snow today as well. School is two hours late this morning. Yes, it's two hours late on April 15th due to SNOW.

Who ever heard of such a thing!?

Last year at this time we were wearing shorts and complaining about the heat.

I'd give anything to complain about the heat right now.

I don't know how much more I can take of this weather. I don't know how much more the teachers can take of this weather. The kids have cabin fever and it's not your regular "every spring" cabin fever. They are simply beside themselves. They are constantly bugging each other, tattling, and just not being nice. They need a change of weather as much as the rest of us.  They need to get outside and run! Don't get me wrong, they still get outside even in the winter but, it's pretty hard to run in a couple of feet of snow dressed from head to toe in snow gear. But, luckily this week is a week of fun!

It's The Week of the Young Child - {The purpose of the Week of the Young Child™ is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that meet those needs.} (

There are fun things planned for every day this week! Today we are going to be painting canvas to hang in each classroom. We will not be doing the tape letters. Instead we will attach letters to the canvas after the paint is dry. Each teacher is going to choose a Bible verse for their canvas.

Tomorrow it's PURPLE day! Purple is the official color of WOTYC. I know the teachers have some fun activities with the color purple. One teacher is even using purple frosting! Yum. On Wednesday we are going to have a PJ day. It's a favorite for kids and teachers alike. We will be watching a short movie on the "big screen" and enjoying a special treat. On Thursday, we will have special readers reading to the classes throughout the day. Finally, on Friday, we are going to be dressing up to go to the BEACH. Yes, the beach. I purchased new sand toys to play with in their sensory tables and the Zoo is bringing some animals by to share with the children.

I hope all of these fun activities help the week fly by!

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