Friday, May 3, 2013

Ugh. So Uncomfortable.

Day 3. Things that make you uncomfortable.

What makes me uncomfortable?

Talking on the phone. I hate it. I am actually really bad at it. I know, how can someone be bad at talking on the phone? Well, I am. Example - yesterday I had to do a little talk on a phone conference. Ugh. Horrible. I hate not seeing reactions. I hate not seeing their faces. I really don't enjoy talking on the phone at all. If someone calls me - sometimes I'll let it go to voicemail just so I can text them back asking, "what's up?" My friend Jess knows this very well. We rarely talk on the phone. ever. I love her for it. We text. One negative of this "problem" I never talk to my parents because I'd have to talk on the phone. It's horrible. And when I am on the phone with them it's awkward and dumb because I never talk to them. It would be great if they'd enter this century and get a computer so we could at least email!!

Going out with my husband makes me uncomfortable. Weird. I know. The reason is that if we go somewhere that he knows a lot of people that means I have to meet people. In all reality, I don't really care for people. I guess that's what makes me uncomfortable - meeting people. Strangers. I always relate it to going out with Bill though because he knows a TON of people.

Being in a bathing suit.

You get the picture.

gina said...

I am so the same when it comes to meeting people! My husband can walk into a room and become bff with anyone....I wish I had that skill.

Jess Cristol said...

I'm so going to call you tonight so we can gab for HOURS! Won't that be fun!? ;0)

Danielle Carroll said...

I feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit as well...and my hubby is the same as yours! He is in his element when in a crowd of people while I'm the complete opposite and find myself stumbling over my words!

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