Monday, May 6, 2013

'what do you do'

Day 6. If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you   answer the question, 'what do you do'?

Oh boy, are you ready for this? The list is very long - here's just an overview of that list. Here goes...

  • marketing / advertising
  • answer LOTS of questions
  • accounting
  • recruitment
  • social planner
  • shopping at least once a week
  • menu planner
  • cook breakfast (cereal, oatmeal, or toast - not so much a cook)
  • referee 
  • rule enforcer
  • go to meetings
  • soothe crying children
  • work with children who are struggling
  • encourage teachers
  • billing
  • collections
  • information collector and recorder
  • housekeeper (at times)
  • advocate for those that can't advocate for themselves
  • advocate for early childhood education
  • negotiator 
  • writer
  • team builder
  • put out hypothetical fires
  • informer
  • and so much more!!
My job doesn't have a simple job description because when you do what I do each day can be a surprise. There are the set things on my "to do" list each month but, there's always things that come up.

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