Saturday, January 21, 2012

Former Skinny Girl :: Part 2

 I hate that I've gained weight but, I like having curves. Not necessarily the curve of my belly but you know what I mean. My goal is to lose 20 pounds and keep it off. I don't have an end date in mind...just before my 20 year class reunion in 3 years. (Wow, that makes me feel old.) I think I can do it! It's not just the weight that I want to lose I want to be more healthy and have more energy.

Last Saturday I mentioned that I would keep you updated on how the week before went when it came to exercising and eating. Well, I was sick with a stomach bug ALL week so there's nothing to report. Although I am down 3 lbs. :) I've been sticking to dry toast, applesauce and bananas this week.

My goal for the coming week is to make a schedule of the meals Bill and I will make for supper. Of course having a cute board or printable to write this list on will make the goal so much more fun! These are a few of the boards and printables I found on Pinterest. I'm not sure which one I should attempt to create.

 This one is great because you have space to write the entire meal including sides in each daily box. There is also a main menu at the bottom to write the main dishes and a grocery list off to the side. Love it. 
You can print off the template here.


I love the idea behind this one. All of the recipes are right at your fingertips and the main dishes are magnets. So there's not trying to "think" of meals. It's all right there. This one is great in theory but can you imagine how long it takes to make this!!! I just don't think I have the time for this one. If you want to find out more about it you can read about it here.


Here is another simple one that I really like. It has space for everything and with a quick glance I can see what's for dinner. You can download your own printable here.


I like this one because it would make grocery shopping a snap. All of the items are broken down off the the right of the page. You can download your own Meal planner here.


Now, this magnet board is one I can handle! It is from the Better Homes and Garden's Website. I think this is the one I'm going to attempt...maybe. All you really need is sticker printer paper and magnet strips. I would arrange it on my fridge so I didn't have to purchase a magnet board. Plus, I have a cat who would think it's a new toy and knock it down. I think this is my favorite. I like the idea of having a magnetic notebook right next to the menu to write a grocery list. Love it!


Which one is your favorite? Do you use some type of menu for meal planning?

Jessica said...

Having a weekly meal plan will change your life! It seriously is so helpful. Less room to eat junk, because you know you need to stick to your plan. Good luck :)


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