Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Little Helper

I finally started to feel back to normal yesterday so I decided to work on Poppy and Pippa. I was able to get new items created, photos taken/edited and loaded into (onto?) our Etsy store.

Today, I thought I'd share what happens EVERY TIME I take photos for Poppy and Pippa.Whidbey cannot stay off of the table when I am taking photos. He can be in a dead sleep but, when he hears the camera he's front and center ready to "help."

This is what I imagine he's thinking:
"I really really want to touch that. I think I can reach it.
 Look, I can almost reach it!"

"Aren't I a good helper? I'm holding the ruler for you. 
Come on, let me be in one picture. Please."

"This is my good side. I'm ready for my close up now."

Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. 
I hope that you are all staying healthy!

Jessica said...

I love that first picture :)
Too cute!
My kitten does the same thing - I can't even get irritated with her, because it cracks me up!


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