Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Organizing = Relaxation

I love to organize! It's what soothes me. I am very organized at work but at home I can't keep my bathroom drawer organized to save my life!! I try but all of a sudden it's cluttered and I can't find anything.  
Over the last two months I've been working on organizing all of my Poppy and Pippa things and I finally have all of the supplies, materials and finished items organized and it feels GREAT! The biggest challenge I had was finding a way to store over 150 spools of ribbon while keeping them from unraveling.  My main goal was to not let the ribbon take over all of the other supply bins.
So, here's what I did - I purchased small plastic divided containers (usually used for storing beads) and several packages of plastic embroidery floss cards. I took each spool of ribbon and put it on one of the cards and secured it with a stick pin. I've been using this system for about two months and still love it!

The supplies

So organized and ready to be used

Look at how many spools of ribbon I was able to  fit in here!
It worked perfectly for me because the ribbon I like comes in
spools of 3 to 4 feet.

What do you need to organize?
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