Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Just Pinned...

I bet the people who follow me on Pinterest are sick of seeing ALL of the things I pin - everyday. I just can't help it. I think i'm addicted but not ready for a 12 step program. It's really not hurting anyone. I just love seeing all of the inspirational quotes, adorable (sometimes affordable) clothing, home decor to lust after and DIY projects that are a great theory. That doesn't even include the beautiful photos and funny sayings. So I am going to use my Monday to share some of my favorites from each category. Enjoy!
Clothing Collection

DIY Project - Considering this for Poppy and Pippa

I pinned this but can't figure out where it originally came from - but isn't it the truth?!

Dream Home 
I live in a condo and have to share laundry - I've NEVER had my own laundry room (except when I was living at home).
This is my DREAM. I don't think it will make me enjoy washing clothes more - it will just make it less of a hassle.

I just signed up to receive the monthly BirchBox - I am soooo excited for my first one! It should be here this week. I'll let you know what's in it when I get it!! For only $10/month you get brand name beauty products! So excited! Click the picture for the link to the website and sign up today!

For ECC 
the Preschool and Child Care Center where I am the director
I have a perfect place for this! We already have two strips of cork board so all I really need is the lettering.

I could go on and on and show you more but I won't. If you want to follow me on Pinterest - and if you do be warned because I pin A LOT! 

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