Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product Spotlight: Chanel Nail Polish

 I'm so excited to say that I finally tried Chanel nail polish and I love it! Jess gave me Vixen for Christmas.

It is the best-selling Chanel nail polish color of all time. It is easy to apply because it is the perfect nail polish consistency. I applied two coats and it is beautiful - I think it's my new favorite color! You can purchase it here.

Please pardon the condition of my cuticles - ND winter is dry!

Have you tried Chanel Nail Polish? What's your favorite color?

liz_oosterhof said...

so fancy!! This is so pretty! What a great gift!

- Lesley said...

ooh, i love the nude color at the top! my favorites are neon pink in the summer, nudes, and dark purples.

also, nice to see another 30 something around. i feel so old in the blogging world (:

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