Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bloglovin' - Nail Color - Blizzard {Oh, My!}


Do you use Bloglovin' to follow all of your favorite blogs? If you do, isn't it great?! I love it! If you haven't checked it out yet you really should. It's like Google reader but better (I think). It's a place for you to follow all of your favorite blogs - in one place!  Bloglovin' keeps track of which blogs you've visited and even suggests blogs you may like to check out. If you are a blogger and don't have your blog connected to Bloglovin' - get on it!

{screen shot from my computer}
. . . . . .

A Month of Nail Colors and My Favorite Base Coat

Revlon: Elegant

Essie: Plumberry

OPI: Russian Navy
{pardon the polish around the nails}

Revlon: Minted

My favorite base coat is...

I love essie's Protein Base Coat (Ulta.com $8) and essie's All-In-One (essie.com $9.50)

. . . . . .
One last thing

There is a blizzard on the way to me right now! {singing} I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it... Ok that's a little extreme but, I like to be dramatic sometimes. Anywho - I'm in a blizzard watch. I'm crossing my fingers for a snow day on Wednesday. Will you cross your fingers for me too? {Please know I don't wish harm on travelers or lost wages for people}
Checkout the forecast for this week:

Can March really only be two days away?


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I LOVE Essie's base coats!
I use them, too and my nails last for almost an entire week...and I'm pretty rough with my nails. The Plumberry & Minted colors are my favorites :)

Crossing my fingers for you - cmon snow day ;)
Happy Tuesday!

Summer-Raye said...

A blizzard? AHH ! i can't imagine. Lovely nail colors.

follow each other?

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

maybe Ill join Bloglovin'..not sure yet!

Laura @ My Green Pen said...

No snow yet...

Laura @ My Green Pen said...

No snow yet - thanks

Laura @ My Green Pen said...

just do it!

HayleyKiah @Classy In KC said...

I'm reading this post through BlogLovin' right now!! I love it! It has made following non-blogspot blogs so much easier than through email. Plus I never miss a post!

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