Monday, February 27, 2012

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Hello Monday!
First of all, if you didn't read yesterday's post you really should. I reviewed all of the Vichy products I received in my bonus Birchbox and told a little about my new design.

. . .

Moving on... I've been doing some thinking lately about "Diary of a Former Skinny Girl" and you know what? Being skinny doesn't make me who I am. It doesn't make me any smarter or funnier. Sure, it makes my clothes fit better but, I don't want it to define who I am. It never has until I started this blog and started the "Skinny Girl" posts. No matter what size you are as long as you're happy that's what really matters. So, from here on out, there will be no more "Skinny Girl" posts. Yes, I'm still trying to lose weight and get healthier and I'll still post on that from time to time but, for now you'll get "a little of this and a little of that."
Have a Great Monday!

Suzanne said...

I like your attitude! :) And you touched on one thing about blogging that scares me - how our posts can almost start to define us because they become how we're perceived. Even if it's false..

Food for thought!

I'm glad I found your blog this morning.. Off to check it out some more!

ashlyn | nicole said...

love your honesty! going to check out other posts.

have a great monday doll.
xx :: ashlyn

Melissa said...

I love your willingness to open up and learn more about yourself. Your blog reflects who you are, and it's beautiful. Start a beautiful girl revolution at any size! I would totally join!

Happy Monday!


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Great plan Laura!!

You are so positive!!

Great to see that blogging is helping you see things like this!!

Have a great day!!

HayleyKiah said...

That's great! My girlfriends and I try our best to not to step on a scale unless we're at the doctors. It's all about being healthy and how you feel not a number!

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