Monday, February 13, 2012

Diary of a Former Skinny Girl

So, last week went GREAT! I am so proud of myself. No eating fast food. No junk food. I feel so great! I started each day with a bran muffin. I baked enough to have one every day and extras for snacks. I packed my lunch (takes effort but was worth it!) everyday and I made sure everything I packed would be filling AND satisfying. The only time I really struggled was the evenings. I found a recipe (although one is not needed) for Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Bananas with Coconut.  I ate them but unfortunately I did not enjoy the frozen banana part (too cold for my teeth!). The chocolate and peanut butter were delicious :). I need to stick to regular bananas.

On another note, I went shopping this week. I had a good feeling about all of the clothes I was going to find - inspired by Pinterest. I was so disappointed by what I found. I know I'm old because I am NOT into the extremely bright colors and strange patterns. I just don't think my body would look that great in neon green. Maybe I'm just not cool anymore. Bummer. So, I ended up going to Sephora instead. Everything at Sephora fits perfectly.

My Goal for this week is to continue to eat breakfast everyday. I would also like to try to add many small meals/snacks though out the day to curb my hunger.

My treat for this week is going to be...

Dark Chocolate Dreams
If you like chocolate and peanut butter this is the holy grail. It is delicious and all natural! I am on a search for it because I can't find it anywhere in town.  I love having a spoonful or warming up a bit and dipping bananas (not frozen). Delicious.

I can just feel the skinny coming back!

Erin said...

I struggle with eating breakfast, too, but I lose so much more weight when I do! If you have time, I suggest an Egg Beaters omelette with a little bit of cheese- perfect, and only around 100 calories.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

good for you, girl!
It feels so good to eat healthy!

And can I just say that the dark chocolate stuff looks amazing?
I'm a dark chocolate lover all the way :)


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

That jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams looks delicious! And good for you for packing your lunch. It will make all the difference in what you eat during the day!

HayleyKiah said...

I love that "everything at Sephora fits perfectly." You need to pitch it to their ad team and get rich!

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