Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Product Spotlight: Eyes

I have a favorite mascara and eyeliner but, I'm a bit of a make-up tramp when it comes to eye shadow. I'll try anything if I like the color. Here are a few of my favorites:

I only use this mascara - I've tried more expensive
brands and they just don't compare.
Cover Girl in Black

Lid Primer.
I recently started using lid primer and it is fabulous!
My eye make-up stays on longer (when I remember to use it).
Smashbox Lid Primer

I have never been great at putting eyeliner on my eyes.
It's a little known fact that a boyfriend in high school taught
me how to put it on. Yup! He was in theatre when he was younger.
Anyway, I still apply my eyeliner the way I was taught in
high school. It works for me.

Maybelline in Onyx

Eye Shadow.
Like I said before I will try just about any kind
of eye shadow as long as I like the color.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Bare Essentials.
Bare Essentials in Cream Soda, Rapture, and Tiger's Eye

Stila - 'Tis The Season to Dazzle
This is no longer available. But I love all of the colors!

Benefit Cream Eye Shadow

Benefit Creaseless Eye Cream (Fab!!)
So, are you kinda trampy when it comes to eye shadow or do you have one brand that you stick to?
Coming soon - My February Birchbox review!

Next week Product Spotlight: Face

HayleyKiah said...

I only use that mascara too! I swear by it.

Amy @ Geaux Girlie said...

I'm slowly starting to use various product lines. Previously I was all Clinque for skin care and cosmetics. I'm branching out with Bare Escentuals, Clinique and this great mega shadow compact by Elf from Target. I love this mascara too...it's the best! Fun post!

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