Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Modge Podge

Hunger Games.
Didn't go see it. I'm probably the only one. Oh well, it won't be so squishy sitting next to someone I don't know when we a week or two. I don't know what it is about big movies but, Bill and I always wait at least two weeks (or more) before going. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and we waited a month before seeing each one. I have the belief that although I'm excited to see a movie, once I have there's no going back to that first time seeing it. Once you've seen it the excitement is gone. I like to make it last.

Busy, busy weekend with family! Saturday we celebrated my sister's birthday (that's actually on Thursday) with my Mom and Dad. We went for pizza and had ice cream cake. She has three kids so it had to be kid friendly. It was a really good time. My nephew told me all about Hunger Games. We read the book at the same time - he's 10 and I'm 35. Then on Sunday we went to Bill's parents house for lunch because his brother and two of our nephews were in town. We don't see them very often so it was nice to spend a sunny afternoon with them.

Great Deals.
I was recently a part of a focus group and made an easy $75 to spend on Spring clothes. I was quite the bargain shopper. I went to TJ Maxx. I haven't been super lucky with their clothes in the past but, I found some great things. I found a pair of COLORED JEANS for $19.99 and I also got two tops! I spent the remainder $20 on ribbon for Poppy and Pippa. Then I found a pair of black skinny pants at Eddie Bauer for $15! Went a little over my budget but, I thought I really shouldn't count the ribbon. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!
Erin said...

My mom goes to those focus groups and makes easy money like that....maybe I should start doing that! Have a happy Monday!

Stacy said...

I want in on the focus group thing too! What does it involve?

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

I haven't seen the Hunger Games yet either and I LOVED the books! I may go tomorrow night! This focus group business sounds awesome- you didn't have to donate any organs did you? If not- that sounds amazing!!
Hope your week is off to an amazing start!!

Laura @ My Green Pen said...

Nope. No donating organs! Just had to listen to about 15 seconds of 547 songs for a radio station. Easy money.

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