Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Modpodge

{St. Patrick's Day}
I love St. Patrick's Day! When I was a teacher I would celebrate for an entire week with my class. Leprechauns visited each night to leave footprints, a huge mess, and a note. We ate green food, and decorated with green streamers and shamrocks. St. Paddy's Day was my favorite holiday to celebrate with my class because it's not a typical holiday for most families to celebrate. I think I had just as much fun as the kids did. Oh, the joys of being a preschool teacher!

This year it was an unbelievably unseasonably WARM day! Each year Fargo celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a Parade. I remember last year it was too cold to even go to the parade and the year before that a friend and I warmed up with large coffees and I don't think we even stayed for the entire parade. This year was a different story completely!
Until I met my husband I had never had corned beef or even really celebrated St. Patrick's Day except with green beer. His family really honors their Irish heritage. We celebrate with a delicious dinner and great conversation. Here's my plate - I forgot to take a pic of dessert before I realized I had finished it!

{This Weather!}
Yesterday it was crazy warm here in Fargo. I mean shorts and tank top weather. We had the windows open so the breeze (actually it was a stiff south wind) could blow through. At one point we contemplated turning on the air conditioning. You have to understand that we usually still have several feet of snow on the ground this time of year. There are thunderstorms forecasted today. I'm ok with that. It will clean the winter grime from everything.

It's my favorite little buddy's FIRST Birthday today!! 

Until tomorrow...

Erin said...

Cute pictures! It was HOT in Alabama this St. Patrick's Day, around 85 degrees I think, which is really hot for us! Looks like y'all had a great time!!

Eden Marie said...

I just read your about me, and I love the part about Fargo the moving. I live in MN so I get the ridiculous stereotypes! :)


Beverly said...

So I'm not Irish, but I DO love me some corn beef!! Us polynesians indulge in it.. with rice... with cooked bananas... with onions... with anything! Makes my mouth water looking at your pic.

Happy Monday girlie!

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