Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Too Old for Colored Jeans? :: Free Hair Ties!

Colored Jeans
Am I too old to wear colored jeans? I just don't know. I love them and see them on EVERYONE! It's so strange to even be considering this question as I don't feel that old. I can't believe I'm 35 and have to make sure I'm young enough to wear the new trends. So, do you think 35 is too old to wear colored jeans?


Poppy and Pippa
I just added 17 NEW colors of hair ties to my Etsy shop! For everyone who places an order today gets THREE (3) FREE hair ties of your choice.

If you make a purchase today all you have to do is leave a message at checkout stating the three colors you'd like for FREE! That's it. Easy as pie! Happy Shopping!

Erin said...

I don't think you're too old at all for colored denim! If you can rock them, rock them!

Amy @ Geaux Girlie said...

NO! I'm 32 and want to give this trend a try! I've not been able to find a pair that I like on though. Have you tried any on yet? I like the ones that you posted from Gap.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

omg no you are not too old! go for it and wear them :) Hope you have a great day! xoxo

Beverly said...

you are NOT old girlfrannn! And there is never a cap on colored pants!! so DO IT!!

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