Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Organization Inspiration :: The Dollar Section

I love the dollar section at Target, Walmart and Michaels. They always have some bright and colorful containers and baskets. The new spring containers have great colors and patterns and are perfect for organizing all types of items.

 Look what I did with just $3.00.

Here is the before of the medicine cabinet in my bathroom. This medicine cabinet has clear glass doors so you could see the mess as soon as you walked into the bathroom. Awesome. This cabinet needed help ASAP and as you can see, all of my earrings used to be piled up on the bottom of the cabinet. Super convenient {sarcasm}(Click here to see how I organized all of my earrings.)

This is where $3.00 changed the entire look of the cabinet. I found these small boxes for $0.97 a piece
at Wal-Mart. I divided up the supplements and medications into a box for my husband and a box for myself as well as a box for toothpaste, floss and chap stick. Everything that was in there before is still in there - except for the mirror, glasses lens cleaner, and of course my earrings. 

Always check the dollar section! You never know when you will feel organization motivation!

What are you going to organize today?

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

I love the baskets! So cheery!! I wish I had organization aspirations for today but alas..i don't ..yet!!
p.s. the winner of the contest was announced today..check out who it was!!
Happy March!

20 Going on 80 said...

Ahh I need these in my life! Walmart is stepping up their game! I used to be a big Target girl but they have been coming out with some great lines lately. I'll definitely be scouring my local Wally-World (I can't help but call it that) to see if I can find some! Thanks for the tip :)

HayleyKiah @Classy In KC said...

That's crazy that you were able to make it look so different with a couple little containers on a budget. Good job girl!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

A little bit goes a long way, doesn't it?! Looks so good, girl!

Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

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