Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Home Office Space
The more time I spend hauling all of my Poppy and Pippa stuff out to the kitchen table the more I want a beautiful organized space - just for me. Right now all of my items for creating are either located in our spare bedroom or in the storage closet across the hall. I would love to fill the spare room with beautiful inspirational items so I can gaze upon them as I work. One problem. Whidbey. I can't have anything out because he thinks everything is a toy. So, for now I will dream...

Modular storage! No more plastic containers!

This is such a clever idea. A wine rack with large cups. I would store all of the different clips and elastics so they would be conveniently at my fingertips. (This would not currently work - you know, with Whidbey thinking everything is his to play with.)

I like all of the colors in this space. It's so bright and cheerful it would make a happy place to work. And while I like the idea of all of this storage I would rather have my desk space next to the storage - everything at my fingertips ;)

Creative clock for a creative space.

White with pops of color.

Inspiration board. Desk with accessible storage.
Easy DIY inspiration board for office space

To hang in the space. Perfect for pins, thread, and misc.


Inspirational word art to hang in my office. I adore this!

This is realistic for my space. Really like everything about it.

Do you have a home office? What is your must have item?

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Erin said...

I love that wine rack turned into art station idea! How clever! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday

Meg Cady said...

ugh I need all of these things in my house. NOW. great pins!!!

Trish said...

two thumbs up to the first pin. a girl can dream! i love all your picks


Jack said...

I renovated an upstairs closet into an office space. Actually, not as much renovated as put in an old table and chair and nailed a file holder to the wall. It's nice in that its general crumminess combined with the fact that it still resembles an upstairs closet when the door is closed make it just spooky enough to keep the kids at bay.

ashlyn williams said...

Love these!!! ESP the simplicity of number four!

happy Wednesday!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Love the inspiration board in #7 - that is so cute!

Happy Wednesday, girl!

brittany.kuhn said...

oh my goodness I am inlove with #s 1,3,and4! That clock is a must have!!! I used to craft out of my bedroom when I was a teenager and first started scrapbooking but I quickly out grew the 2 rubbermaid totes and had to move to the playroom in the basement that I ended up painting and making my scrapbook room. We have a tendency to have a leaky basement so everything has to be raised up to avoid water damage (this is literally like maybe twice a year but it sucks when it does happen) I can't wait til I get my own place and can be on ground level!
Thanks for the inspiration!

SimplyHeather said...

I love these ideas!! Decor and organization ideas are simply the best.

office space NYC said...

The pictures are wonderful. By just incorporating some of the many ideas here can really turn an office into a productive space that any user would enjoy!

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