Friday, April 13, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hello Blog Friends it's Friday! I'm going to link up with Lauren to share some of my top 5 faves from this past week. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures. I've been so super busy this week.

Impromptu dinner with some great friends! Unfortunately, it's because their car broke down on their way through town but, nonetheless it was so great to see them.

Short week. Only four days. 

My first Poppy party is tonight. Crossing my fingers for success!

New Girl. I seriously believe that if the New Girl (Jess) was a real person I would be friends with her. She is hilarious! 

It's FRIDAY! Bill is gone all weekend so it's just Whidbey and me all by our lonesome. I think we'll rent some sappy movies and clean. I'm excited because Bill is visiting Ikea to pick up my new desk on his way back home. I'll post pics of my new office space.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Linking up
Katie said...

good luck at your party! and I LOVE new girl too! So funny!!

Erin said...

Aren't four day weeks the absolute best? We had one too :) Every time one of my friends watches New Girl, they tell me that her and I are long-lost twins (personality wise. Unfortunately, I don't look like Zooey!) Must be a teacher thing.

Meg Cady said...

I had a short weeke too and it was ridiciously glorious!
I love impromptu meet ups with friedms they are just so fun!
Good luck with your first party soon much fun!!!!!

Can't wait to see your new office

Blushing Cheeks said...

Well it was a blessing in disguise for your dinner with friends and that is always nice. I love getting new furniture too. Have a great weekend.

Kara said...

Oh I miss IKEA! I used to live ten minutes from one and we went almost every weekend. Now our closest one is 4 hours away! Found you through the link up and am definitely a new follower. I love what I've seen!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

My fingers are crossed for your party tonight! If I lived in Fargo I would be there in a heartbeat!!
And amen to 4 day weeks!!
Happy Weekend girl!

Beverly said...

Good friends always bring in good times, right?!?!

And that's a super duper HIGH five to a 4-day work week! Holllllaaaaa ;)

Happy weekend girl!

Menachérie said...

Love the pink pants.

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