Saturday, April 14, 2012

Three Looks I'm Loving

I love this but, I can never get my button up shirt to be smooth (or comfortable) under a sweater.
Pink pants. I purchased some today from Gap. I love them and may have to pair them with black.

Maxi Dress/skirt. I need one. I just don't know if I could pull it off.

Suz said...

So true on the first comment! Mine always comes out like some type of mess!

Holly said...

That maxi skirt is awesome! I love the colours, but I am also seriously doubtful over whether it would look strange on me. :(

Holly :)
Just dropping by from #FF!

Blushing Cheeks said...

I feel the same way about button ups, I can never get is to be smooth under sweater. So I have given up on wearing them as a pair. :( I need to go shopping and get myself a pair of colored pants asap for Spring!! I have to say I love to wear maxi dresses, but not sure I ca pull of the maxi skirt look. Im not sure its ME. I loved this post. Great inspiration for me to go get my colored pants right away.

Rachael said...

The first two are stunning, I love that chic Parisian look, I think it's the cropped pants that does it for me.Rx

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