Friday, May 25, 2012

High Five For Friday

Sorry I've been MIA the last two days. I'm enjoying a "stay"cation. I had a very busy first day of vacay but, Thursday, I honestly felt a bit lost. I literally wandered around my house for a bit. I sat on our bed and contemplated taking everything out of my closet to re-organize. I quickly thought that would be too much work. Then I watched some TV. I never just watch TV. I am always doing something else because I get bored just sitting there...until today. I quite enjoyed "just" watching TV. I'm here today with a HUGE high five for Friday! Although, it would be more aptly named why I love vacation.

Disclaimer: My camera skills were horrible this week. I apologize.

Linking up.

I think he wanted to prove to me that he still fits. It took him awhile to figure out how to fit his entire body into the little basket.

Then I saw this on Pinterest and it felt like it was made for me and Whidbey!

Bill found another (nonalcoholic) beer for me to try. It's called Clausthaler. Not so crazy about this one. I think I'll stick to Buckler. Buckler only has 75 Calories! 

Started "My Fitness Pal" this week. So far so good. I've stayed under my calories everyday and haven't cheated once. It's helped keep me in line because I really think about what I'm going to eat before actually eating it. I ask myself - Am I really hungry? Is this the best choice I can make? When did I eat last? Am I just thirsty? If you are looking for a simple way to track calories, exercise , etc. you should check it out. I love it for two big reasons. one- you can scan barcodes. two - you can have "friends" to help keep each other in line. I love it!

My sister volunteered me to help plant a garden with 65 forth graders on my first day of vacation. It ended up raining a ton the night before making the garden 100%  pure MUD. Then the day of the planting it rained on and off the entire time we were digging in the dirt. I was paired with an overly happy and chatty room mom. Wow. No one is that happy. Seriously. So, back to the garden - I was given four kids to plant peppers with. One of them ended up being my nephew. I don't think he was thrilled to be with his Aunt. The reason I know this is because every time I tried to take a picture of him he looked the other way. I didn't really attempt to talk to him because I didn't want to embarrass him too much. But, I think I hit it off with my group. I really think they liked me and in the craziness of planting this garden I found my nephew's future wife! I know they're only in forth grade but she's adorable, can use a shovel, and plant vegetables! Perfect wife material.

That evening he sent me this. All I can say is precious!

After doing some gardening with Andy I went to my sisters to get Sophia (my niece). She was having a rough Tuesday evening so my sister promised her a trip to see Whidbey on Wednesday.  (Little did we know at the time that she had a double ear infection). That cured everything. She was happy as a clam. She even woke up on Wednesday morning asking, "go see Whidbey now?" I think this little girl has a fantastic memory. She's not even two yet and walked right into my house, got Whidbey's toys out, then fed him, and finally wanted her nails painted. That was everything we did the last time she was at my house - about two months ago!
She wanted matching colors. I suppose I'm going to have to plan a trip to Dairy Queen with Isaac. Gotta keep it fair.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Michelle said...

I just started my fitness pal this week too! Isn't it the best?! I used it in college and it helped me lose weight and keep track of everything I'm eating. I started it back up since I haven't been eating so well lately :)

Love the story about your nephew...precious!

Beverly said...

whatta sweetheart Andy is texting you as the first text ever!!! I love how you helped them garden... they can get their green thumb started early!!

Have you ever tried Stella non-alchoholic beer?? Super good!!

Happy Weekend love!


Katie said...

such fun pictures!! that was so nice of you to help out at the school! and I rarely just sit and watch tv either but did today and just feel asleep - maybe that's one reason I don't do it. ; ) hope you're having a good weekend!!

Lauren @ From My Grey Desk said...

oh my gosh, dying over that first picture of the cat! they're crazy!

thanks for linking up, as always :)

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