Monday, May 28, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I'm linking up with Carissa for a little Miscellany.
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a little memorial day sale at Poppy and Pippa!
enjoy 15% off your entire purchase - 
even the fabulous hair ties!
*enter MEMORIALDAY2012 at checkout to receive the discount. 
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i've been trying to get my hair to form "beachy" waves.
it never happens. ever. I keep practicing. it's way too bouncy
for me. this is what it looked like from the back.

so up in a ponytail it went.

For the first time my green pen had sponsors. I will be introducing
them to you this week. They are all real swell. :)

I had a great "stay"cation. I got a lot done and I tried to spend a lot of time doing nothing. I cleaned my closet...wanna see? It only took three hours. I went through the entire thing. emptied everything out into a clothes basket for donating - a clothes basket for giving to friends - and a rubbermaid bin for clothes that are seasonal (or don't fit at the moment.)
Here's the before.
there is a lot of open space and a random stool in there. it's for whidbey. he likes to climb.

as you can see. it's a lot more organized. I need to run to Target to pick up a shoe organizer for the bottom left side. My boots are in the flat bin - stored away for the season. the purses hanging on the right side have come down since this picture was taken. they were too much fun for Whidbey to leave alone. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with them now.

I want a new camera for shooting Poppy and Pippa products.
Any suggestions?

Happy Memorial Day! 
I hope you are enjoying your day off. 
Remember to take time to remember those that have fought for our freedom!

Brook said...

You had me at coupon code. Your hair looks beautiful down and in a pony. Gorgeous! Nice job on the closet. I'm still buried in my laundry room mess.

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

your closet looks great. i wish mine had that kind of storage!

for your beachy waves, try rolling your hair around the iron instead of clamping it. it will make all the difference.

Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

I've been trying to get beachy waves in my hair, too! It's not happening though, so I don't have any suggestions. Your hair still looks beautiful, though! Your closet looks great & so organized...I'm going to be cleaning out my closet this week ,wish me luck! :)

Annie said...

You should've left your hair down! It does look pretty in the ponytail, too, though. :]

I need to clean out my closet and I am not looking forward to it!

Goldylocks and the Barrows said...

Love the closet!

Beverly said...

hey girl!! i posted about getting beach waves myself, b/c like you... i tend to get too much bounce from the curls!! BUT got tons of tips and I'm sticking with the DIY wand tip I got from Try it out!!


Little Tree Vintage said...

that hair is awesome!

Jess said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! By the way, I am so jealous of your closet! :)


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