Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five for Friday

Five fun things from this past week.

I did some voice over work for my husband. I have a horrible voice but, it was fun nonetheless!

New fabric! I haven't been doing as much creating for Poppy and Pippa. I've been so busy with the hair ties and filling orders for boutiques. I needed some inspiration for new blooms, twisted flowers, badge reels and brooches.

Bill and I have season tickets to a local University theatre. They perform about five plays throughout the summer. It's so fun to have an excuse for a date night. We had a fabulous dinner. (I was starving so I forgot to take a pic). Then ventured over to the theatre for a production of "Shout."

I decided on a camera to purchase!
It's a Canon Powershot G12. It's not as fancy as a DSLR but, I decided I probably don't need something that fancy for product shots.

New blog name!
As you may know, I recently changed the name of my blog and I'm in the process of changing the design. I'm very excited to share my new look with you. This "construction" project is taking on more and more similarities to real construction projects. Meaning the time and the decisions.

My original design was done by my very talented husband. I loved it. At the time. Now, I want to go in a different direction. The header was so plain. If I was blog surfing I don't think my former look would encourage me to keep reading. It was a great simple design just not the design I want to go forward with.

My husband recently said to me that he didn't understand why I'd change my blog look. He said that people don't come to the blog because of the look they come for the content. That may be true but, first you need to have a "selling" point. Beauty is a very good "selling" point. I know that if I come across a blog that has great design I am more inclined to stop and check it out.

Here is my inspiration:



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Kate - Classy Living said...

I love where your new blog is headed - the color scheme is beautiful!

Happy Friday! xoxo

Trish said...

Your inspiration looks so good. I can't wait to see the new look!!

Meg Cady said...

Cant wait for you new blog design! I love all your inspiration!

Looks like you had a great week!

Les said...

I love the design on your blog! It's awesome! :)

Oh, and I love all of the fabric! I just sewed my first dress... and although it wasn't the BEST material, I'm proud of it! Can't wait to try new projects!

Have a wonderful weekend!

BlushnCheeks said...

Im going to love the new design. I just wish I was talented and could get my own little cute links. Like other people have for twitter, pinterest. But one day. Im still trying to figure out a design for a grab button.

Katie said...

yeah for new fabric!! and I love the color and pattern for your blog design!

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