Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Happy Place - ULTA

On Friday my sister and I took her daughter, my niece, to ULTA for her first time. (My sister and I love ULTA. It's our happy place. They have fantastic lighting!) Anyway, this little girl adores nail polish - which she calls Sparkles. She is always checking out toes and fingers to see their Sparkles. It's so cute how she asks to get her nails re-touched when they chip. Her daddy is getting very good at painting tiny toe nails. By the way, she is only two.

So many colors. So little time.

Mom and daughter on a mission to find ESSIE.

Which one? The Pink OPI from the Minnie Mouse collection
the fabulous magenta ESSIE.

Happy girl! She got both polishes and a few princess Lip Smackers.

Overall, a very successful trip. She was such a happy girl.
BlushnCheeks said...

OMG she is sooo cute. I love Ulta too.

Katie said...

so cute!! what a fun trip!

Earl-Leigh said...

Too cute! Ulta is my happy place as well.

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