Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday :: Pinterest :: Helpful Hints

Let's Do This!
Helpful Hints 
they may not be pretty - but they are handy

use chalk to remove grease stains from clothes {via}

hang your ironing board behind a door with coat hooks for easy access {via}

another coat hook trick - hang it in your shower {via}

hanging space above the dryer {via}

my favorite helpful hint of all - 
use clear nail polish to secure threads on a loose button {via}

Remember - when I reach 100 followers I am giving away 25 Hair ties!

So, my new design is up and running - still working on a few layout issues. What do you think?
Sally said...

I had heard about the nail polish/button hint a long, long time ago, but had forgotten all about it. Kind of smart!

BlushnCheeks said...

I love the new design. very cute. I also think these pins are great, people are so damn genius sometimes.

Life With Lauren said...

Got to try the chalk on clothes!

Jess Cristol said...

Love the design and the colors!

Anonymous said...

These are all fantastic! Love the pins this week! My favorite is the hanging space above the dryer...genius!

Beverly said...

brilliant idea about hanging the ironing board on the coat hooks!! it's always the one thing that doesn't have a permanent home... but love that look you pinned!!

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