Monday, July 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Write Random with Carissa from lowercase letters.

This heat.
It's ridiculous that you breakout into a sweat just by walking outside. There's no point in getting ready because you immediately start to sweat when entering your car that's hotter than the the hottest heat in hell. I've started using my auto-start in the summer. I'm ready for some temps in the mid-80's. Anything cooler and I'd probably freeze because my body is becoming accustomed to 95 degree days!

The toilet.
Bill removed the toilet this weekend to replace the wax ring. Upon doing this we discovered that the current wax ring had all but disintegrated and on top of that our sub-floor (poured cement type board) is also disintegrating (just around the toilet). Such fun. So as he's pulling back the vinyl flooring there's not just one layer or two layers, but THREE layers of vinyl flooring. This is kind of a relief because our floor was becoming discolored and we thought we'd have damaged sub-floor throughout the bathroom. Well, lucky for us the old owners were lazy and left the previous flooring when they replaced it with new. The discoloration is probably moisture in-between the layers. Whew! The flooring guy is coming today...I think.

The garbage disposal.
When it rains is pours! But Bill to the rescue. He fixed it! I love that he's handy and has an iPad for research!

New Fabric.
One of my favorite thing's to do is shop for fabric. That's just what I did yesterday. Joann's was the excitement of my weekend. Yahoo!

Quality time.
Even though we didn't go to the lake or out to eat or even to a movie - Bill and I spent some great quality time together. It's the small things that matter... Like catching up on TV together and fixing a toilet (I completely and totally observed but I was there for moral support.) This weekend flew by... is it Friday yet?

Beverly said...

Gooooorl... Love your new blog design!! The header is super cutie patootie!!

I agree.. weekend went by TOO fast, but in just 5 days, it'll be here again! WAHOOOO!!!

xoxo, Bev

Erin said...

Stopping by from Carissa's. Just have to tell you that I had a HS teacher who always used green pens to correct our work. When we asked why, he said he'd figured by 10th grade, we'd seen enough red pen. Always thought that was cool and never use red when I now do my grading. Your blog reminded me of that lovely little tidbit!

BlushnCheeks said...

Good news, bad news for #2. I stuck my hand down the garbage disposal the other night and my sister in law gasped in fear I would cut my fingers. I looked at her and said not unless you turn it on. she was still horrified.

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