Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fit and Fabulous

Last week we started a fitness challenge at work called :: Fit and Fabulous :: Here's how it works - we each pay $10 to participate. We have weekly weigh ins but, other than that we are on our own. Whoever loses the largest percentage of weight wins the pot!

I really need to get healthier and I could really use a couple hundred dollars so this challenge works out great for me! I don't love working out or eating right so, I'm starting with baby steps.

My goal is to choose real food. Food that doesn't come from a box or fast food restaurant.

I really struggle to eat well at work. I often don't eat during the day and if I do it's a candy bar or something from the kids' lunch. My goal is to pack my lunch every day and to include healthy snacks so there is no temptation to just "grab something" because I don't have anything healthy on hand.

Have you heard of the Bento Lunchbox movement? If you're a mom I imagine you have. If not, check out this site Bento Lunch Boxes or laptop lunches. I love the idea of having a variety of foods to eat. Not just the same old sandwich or salad or even frozen meal. Creating lunches this way will also encourage real foods. I know whole wheat tortillas and such are processed but not to the extent that Spaghetti-o's are processed. For the record - I haven't had Spagehetti-O's since I was 7 or maybe 20 when I was in college - anyway it's been a while. Now that I've got that cleared up - check out these different sites filled with Bento lunch ideas. (Most are geared to kid lunches - oh well, I happen to really like the idea).

Meg Cady said...

YUMMYYY I am always looking for new lunch ideas... lunch can be so boring!

Lisa said...

thats awesome lunch ideas.. Thanks for sharing i am looking this up right now!

Stacy said...

So the Arby's we had on Saturday was not on your plan? How about the Cjicken Kiev at the wedding reception? Oh well, we laughed hard enough to burn all those calories up anyway! ;-)

Amy @ Geaux Girlie said...

Love this idea and love the challenge you and your coworkers are taking on together. I too am trying to make healthier, fresh choices. It's not easy but taking it day by day or meal by meal helps. Good luck and I look forward to reading more about your journey!

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