Monday, August 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday


You won't hear me talk about the Olympics much.
I don't enjoy track and field, basketball, or table tennis.
I think gymnasts are amazing little balancing, twirling, and tumbling geniuses.
I'm in awe of the speedy sleek swimmers and divers.
I love watching the one sport that you don't really see on TV during the Olympics because it's not a "cool" sport. It's synchronized swimming. Yes, people actually still do that. I was a synchronized swimmer for eight years. I lived for it.

My DVR is set to record today.
I think syncro (as I like to call it) has changed a bit. I don't recall so many acrobatic moves. These girls are CRAZY good!


We got to go to my great aunts house this last weekend for a "family reunion." We even got a family photo taken in front of a tractor. I mean, really!? There were a few of the cousins missing (lucky ducks!)

My cousin Amie and I. You can tell she spends waaaay more time outside than I do!
Amie's daughter CeCe wearing a Scrappy Bloom from Poppy and Pippa!


Erin said...

I had a friend in middle school who tried to teach us how to stay up like those girls in synchronized swimming. Holy cow it's HARD!

BlushnCheeks said...

Synchonized swimming looks especially hard and definitely should be one sport that stays in the Olympics. I use to LOVE to watch it. I haven't been able to catch the Olympics, these past two weeks I have not watched much t.v.

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