Monday, December 10, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Happy Miscellany Monday!

I've been enjoying the busyness that surrounds Christmas with shopping and the company of great friends.

I sold my 2000th item in my Etsy store - Poppy and Pippa! This is such an exciting milestone. Not only did I sell my 2000th item on Etsy - I had a great Poppy and Pippa party on Friday night! This little "hobby" is turning into a real blessing.

*2000 SALES*

Last week I was able to take the teachers I work with out for a wonderful holiday meal...I also gave them BONUSES - for the first time! (Side note: anyone who works in early childhood knows there's really no such thing as a bonus.) I was able to do this with the unspecified grant we received. I was so excited to do this for the teachers! 
These gals make my job so much fun! 

I had also planned on sharing all of the secret santa gifts I gave last week but, you'll have to wait :)

Enjoy Your Day!

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Sweet Annabelle said...

Wow! Congratulations on your Etsy success!
I just started a shop on Etsy, a couple of months ago.
Am still plugging away at it, and have had a few sales.

Merry Christmas!


Bev said...

YAYYYY congrats on the etsy sell!!! Your stuff is just too adorbs :)

Glad to hear you're surrounded by some good peeps at work... always makes going to work THAT much more pleasureable!

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