Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Movies?!

I love Christmas movies. Especially made-for-TV movies on ABC Family.
Movies I watch every year even though I've seen them many times.

1. The Snowglobe

This gal, Angela, loves Christmas. She's in search of the PERFECT Christmas...which, not to give anything away but, she finds it in a Snowglobe. It's such a fun movie. A thoughtless, happy ending, holiday movie. Watch it. 


2. Holiday In Handcuffs
Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez. Enough said. It's fabulous. 
She kidnaps him - pretends he's her boyfriend - has a quirky family - Watch it.


3. Santa Baby and Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe

She's a big city bigwig and her father is...SANTA! There's mischievous elves and an old flame from her past. Not kidding. One of my favorites.


4. Christmas Cupid
She's a publicist for a famous pop singer who dies before Christmas. This pop singer comes back to "haunt" her into having a better life. Oh, the good old story of the dead pop singer coming back to inspire millions. Watch it. Be inspired.




I grew up watching this Christmas classic. I wanted those red dresses as my bridesmaid dresses in my wedding. I wanted to perform in front of a beautiful Christmas tree on Christmas with a backdrop of snow. Ahhhh snow. 

Watch it. Love it. Seriously. Do it.

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

I love ABC Family Countdown to Christmas as well!!! I have never seen White Christmas, but my holiday must-see movie would be It's a Wonderful Life.

Cute blog :)

Alyssa said...

I love the ABC family originals...Holiday in Handcuffs is great. If you get the Hallmark channel, they have GREAT original ones too that are sweet and cheesy and lovely.

And White Christmas is my favorite too!

Bev said...

I"ve never seen any of those movies... even the classic, white christmas... BUT I shall check em out!

my all time fave classic is the christmas story. maybe b/c they play it over... and over.. and over on christmas eve and christmas day!

Michelle said...

White Christmas is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie! LOVE!

I think I've seen most if not all of the other movies! Holiday in Handcuffs is definitely a favorite :)

Amy@Geaux Girlie said...

White Christmas is my favorite too! I watch it for the first time each year as we decorate the house for the holidays. It's on ALL the time here in December. Love!

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