Thursday, December 13, 2012

TLC Confession

Hi, my name is Laura and I watch Sister Wives on TLC. I adore the Sister Wives. Here's why:

Meri is my favorite sister wife. Actually she's tied with Christine but, I'll get to that in a bit. Meri is Kody's first wife (his real legal wife). She knew before she got married that she wanted to have a plural marriage - or sister wives.  She has said that she's never ever imagined what it would be like to not have sister wives. She comes off as kind, organized and reliable on the show. I think I would be her friend. She has one child with Cody. They've tried for more but have been unsuccessful. Recently the newest sister wife, Robyn, offered to carry a baby for her and Cody. Um, weird!? I think so! I hope she doesn't do it. It would be way too weird. 

Janelle is Cody's second wife and the mother to his first child. She has a great no nonsense attitude. I believe she is the one who has always had the higher paying job in the family. She's serious and smart. She has a lot of kids. I honestly don't know how many. There are 16 children total so it's hard to keep track. I admire Janelle because she's been trying to get her physical health back in check this last year. She's dedicated to losing weight.. She may not be to the weight she wants to be at but, she is stronger than she's ever been. 

Christine is the third wife to Cody. She is seems to be the fun/funny sister wife. I don't know what it is about her but, she makes me laugh. Especially when she was working out for the first time. That would totally be me. Although she's the fun wife she's also the jealous wife. She is having a hard time with Cody's new wife - her new sister wife. I imagine she would be. She was cody's last wife. The three sister wives were Cody's only wives for 16 years! 

Robyn and Cody
Robyn and Cody have been married for about 2 years. She joined the family after Meri met her at a party and introduced her to Cody. Meri really encouraged their relationship. From the beginning of Cody and Robyns relationship I haven't been able to warm up to her. I feel like she tries too hard and is overly emotional. About everything. I find myself siding with the other wives. I feel like Cody gives her too much attention. Robyn is divorced and came into the family with three children. Her and Cody just had a baby boy.

This family has endured so many things...together. I don't believe in plural marriage but, I believe in their marriage(s). They are living in Las Vegas after being "chased" from Utah. They are living in four different houses (which Cody spends a night a week at each one). The homes are not very close to each other.

Don't judge me for my love of this family. They fascinate me. They inspire me. If they can make it through all of their trials and tribulations dealing with their husband, 16 children, and other wives. I think my husband and I can do it too!

Have you ever watched the show?
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Kimberly said...

I love the show but can't stand Meri. LOL. I hate that she wants the bigger home with 5 bedrooms when she has one child and wants a wet bar. Janelle is the sensible one and says her children can share a bedroom.
I enjoyed the show and try not to miss it. I liked when they went on vacation with that other couple (couples) and they had like 50 kids between them.

Anonymous said...

I find the show fascinating as well. I agree about Robyn... something there just doesn't seem to fit.

Anonymous said...

Meri and Mariah cry way too much! I can't recall an episode when they were dry eyed. They are way overly dramatic. Kody has too many children. How can he remotely give individual attention to each one? The wives raise their children, alone. IMO, when a wife is added, she should come in childless. It's asking alot for the other wives to care for stepchildren. Their jewelry is butt ugly and too expensive.
Robyn is the least unattractive wife, perhaps that's his draw to her. Janelle is pretty, and obese.
I hate their clothing styles, and their grammar and syntax {except Janelle} is lacking. Folks seem to like Janelle the best.

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