Monday, January 21, 2013

Miscellany Monday


    Yes, that does in fact say -44 degrees wind chill!! Redonk!

2. Bill's show on Friday night was so fun! It started with me sitting behind the tallest guy in the place
So, this was my view. Luckily we could just scoot our chairs over for a better view.

3. I even did something with my hair on Friday night. Anyone who sees me often knows that my hair is usually in a plain old ponytail. Well, check this out - I curled it and did something real fancy with some bobby pins. Ummm, not as cool as I thought it was going to be (and a little off center) but, it's progress.

3. With our new eating lifestyle we eat delicious food like this... REAL food!

4. I've been working away every single free minute on the Unglued show that's coming up. I believe I made over a hundred of these rosie blooms this weekend!
Plus, filled a bunch of orders. I love my little business!

Enjoy your day...and if you're from around here - STAY WARM!
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michelle @ this little light said...

I think your hair looks fantastic! I could never pull that off. Just lovely.

Visiting from the Miscellaneous Monday blog hop ... I'm starting one at "this little light" as well: stop by if you'd like to link up!

Enjoy your day!

Jess Cristol said...

We forgot to get a picture of us together!

Bev said...

okay guy standing right in front of you... annoying!!!! glad you found another spot with a much clearer view!!!

your hurrr looks fancy pants gorg!!! love it!

stay warm my friend! xo, Bev

Betty said...

I love that hairstyle! I am terrible at doing my own hair but this looks like a style I could handle!

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