Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's the Little Things

I don't know about you but, I think this "Spring" weather is a real downer. It's been so cold with little to no sunshine for the past couple of weeks. I can't stand it!

This is the forecast for today and the rest of the week

Nothing like snow to crush your dreams of a lovely spring. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I love snow but, I think I need to clarify my love for this cold dream crusher from the sky. 
I love the FIRST snow.
I love snow at Christmas. 
I even love a good snowstorm in February but, that's were the love ends. In March I am ready for the snow to melt. I'm ready for the sunshine and warm temps that April (sometimes) brings.

My husband is very aware of how this weather makes me feel. He knows I need sunshine to function like a human. Even though he can't change the weather that brings me down  -he knows how to pick me up.

It's the little things.

I love my husband for so many reasons.

Today, this is the reason I love him.

This miniature Dwight was on the bathroom counter this morning. It was the first thing I saw when I turned on the light. And you know what? I smiled. I laughed... at 5:15 am. It was just what I needed to get a great start to my day.

I know it's not traditional but, it is us.

I think I'll be able to handle the snow forecasted today a little better knowing that he was thinking about me before he went to bed. Well, either me or Dwight. 

I hope you have someone who takes the time to do the little things.

Enjoy your day!

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