Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I haven't posted an outfit in months.

I know you're wondering if I was a nudest. Nope.

Just a fattist. Yup. My word.

Fattist = a person who no longer fits into his/her clothing after gaining an obscene amount of weight in a short time.

For me it was two years. 30 pounds. Gross.

Well, I'm back. I started working out two months ago and eating better (not great but, better!). I'm down 6 pounds.

After looking at these pictures I've decided I need some style help. I have good taste in clothes. It just seems to disappear when I go shopping.

Enough of my jibber jabber.

outfit #1
dress/ from Zulily - sister ordered it and it was too big for her so she gave it to her fatty sister. lucky me!
boots - etienne aigner
legging - target
cardi - target

outfit #2
blazer - old navy
top - old navy
jeans - AG
shoes - Payless (love them! Most comfortable ballet flats EVER! and only $5!!!)

outfit #3
top - JCP
cardi - Target
jeans - joes jeans
shoes - bass

So, that's what I look like.

This is how I wish I'd look. {via}


I'm trying to wait to go shopping until I lose more weight but, it's so hard because I want to look cute now.

Holly Grass said...

I gained 30 in a year. I complain everyday about how fat I look. I really need to do something about that.

I love your style. I love pinning outfits but it seems when I go shopping everything I buy is tacky.

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