Monday, April 8, 2013


I think I'm losing it. I mean really losing it.

Example one:
How many times can one person slice off a "few" layers of skin on "her" finger before "she" learns how to use an exacto knife? Let's just say it's been more than two but less than five times.

Example two:
Last night (while my husband prepared supper) I walked into the kitchen and the water was running. I asked him why the water was running - to which he replied - you turned it on. Yes. I turned it on. No. I have no memory of that action whatsoever.

Example three:
This morning I got into my car - as I sat there looking through my keys I swear I couldn't find the key for my car! I looked through them twice before I remembered that my key folds up so it looks like my old auto-start. Seriously. Re-donk. 


And i'm only 36.

I don't even want to know me when i'm 50.

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