Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Live-in Stylist Needed...

To preface this - I get my work clothes out and ready the night before because I get up at the crack of dawn and I don't want to wake my sleeping husband by digging through my closet. (Wow, that's a long sentence!)

Do you ever have one of those moments when you're looking through your closet and you actually find something different to wear? You know, mix and match items that you've never put together before that moment? Well, I had one of those moments last night. I thought I found the cutest combo. White crops and a bright coral button up. 

That brings me to this morning. Ugh. I put the outfit on and it's hideous! I'm not exaggerating at all. It's lumpy and too bright. 

What was I thinking last night?!

Or, do you ever have one of those days when you're picking out clothes and you think, "hey, I have some cute clothes" I can't wait to put this with that and that with this it's going to be sooooo cute. Then you wake up the next day and can't find anything to wear?


So, today, I look like I'm old enough to retire with the outfit I'm wearing. Oh well, can't win them all.

But, If I did have endless amounts of money and someone to put some things together for me - this is what I'd like. Simple and kinda preppy.

Seems easy enough to put together. White top, jeans, matchy accessories. So, how come I can't find things like this when I'm shopping?!

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