Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

Bill recently told me that he hopes he's not going to die soon. When I asked him why he would think that he then explained that I'm a little obsessed with our cats. There's more photos of them on my phone than anything else.

I talk to them like they're people.

I think they can understand. They just choose not to answer any of my questions.

I haven't shared any adorable photos of these two little critters lately so, now, I will.

Whidbey loves Willa.

 But, sometimes Willa doesn't feel the love 

And, other times she loves him so much she showers him with kisses.

There you have it. My favorite two little critters.

Renee said...

I too am a crazy cat lady so I wont let you stand alone!! haha!

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