Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nail Polish Review

Last month I shared four of the nail polish colors I wore during the months of January and February. It's time to share four more colors and it so happens that each of the four colors is a different brand so I thought I'd share my opinion of each*.
*please excuse the state of my cuticles!

First of all, I'll share my at home nail prep. 

Here's what I use:
(You can click on each item to learn more about it)
Chanel - Vixen
This polish has great pigment. You would only have to do one coat but I always do two to get longer wear. It has a fantastic brush - not to big and not to small. It stays on for about a week with little to no chipping. It is quite expensive at about $30 a bottle! I'm lucky though and got mine for Christmas.

Zoya - Kendal
This was in my first Birchbox. I was so excited to try this because 1) I've never tried Zoya polish and 2) I love this light lavender color for Spring! I really like the consistency of the polish and two coats was just enough. Unfortunately, that's where I stopped liking it. After one day it started chipping! Only one day. I was so bummed. At $8 it's comparable to other brand name polishes but the quality just isn't there or at least it wasn't for me. Let me know if you've had a different experience.

Sally Hansen Professional Salon Manicure - Shell We Dance
My friend Jess was wearing this color the other day and I loved it on her. It's so hard to find a nice neutral pink color. This like all light polishes needed three coats but surprisingly dried rather quickly (with my top coat). As you may know, Sally Hansen has these weird awkward brushes in some of it's polishes - like this one. It's like the bristles are to wide and short and hold waaay too much polish. I loved the color once it was on but, again it only lasted a few days. I'll try it again with a different top coat because I like it so much. This polish is about $7.99 which I thought was a bit expensive for a drugstore brand.

Revlon - Demure
I love love love this color! It is the perfect coral pink with a touch of shimmer. It's perfect for summer. The brush is a normal nail polish brush and easy to use. This color went on in two coats. I wouldn't do just one because the pigment is much better with two coats. I should disclose that I am rather partial to Revlon nail color because it is such high quality. I never have a problem with chipping. Ever. I can usually wear a Revlon nail color for a week or MORE. It reasonably priced at between $4.50 and $5.50 depending on which drugstore you purchase it at. 

What do you think? Which color is your favorite? Do you have a favorite nail polish brand?

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Loving color #4 - coral is my go-to for just about anything :)

Happy Tuesday!

Katie said...

i like number 1 the best! good thing you didn't have to pay for it though - that does seem expensive for nail polish!

Samantha Arilotta said...

Revlon - Demure
I Love that one!

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